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May 25, 2004 ... D ocum ent G 706 T M. 1994 ... AIA Document G706 1994. ... Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this AIA Document, or any ...
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hello and welcome to another QuickBooks tutorial with EC QuickBooks training in this tutorial I will be showing you how to enter in a a billing into QuickBooks in a billing looks like this and it's an application for payment with forms G 702 and forms G 703 with the description of work and their schedule of values so we're going to be learning how to enter this information into QuickBooks today the first thing we need to make sure is that we have all the cost codes entered in the items list now if you're a subcontractor it might not be that many but if you're a GC general contractor you may have a lot of cost codes here so we need to make sure that everything is entered we also need to make sure that you have the item called less meet image because we're going to be taking 10 off of the billing union ours is right here and it's going to an asset account so you have to make sure that you have that in your chart of accounts which is right here 10-inch receivable so those are the two things that you have to make sure that you have and that we're all set to start entering the aaaa billing the first step is to create an estimate so let's close out of here and let's go to a customer center and we want to select a job that you're going to do the AAA billing for in this case I'm going to do awesome job then we're going to go to new estimates I'm going to change the template here I'm going to close the top bar good okay so now we want to enter the codes or the items here and to the amounts now your schedule of values may have a lot of codes but here you only have one line item general requirements so for job costing in QuickBooks we want to put with the schedule of value is for that line item so let's say for general requirements I'm going to do several cost codes and I'm going to show you a trick here to make it so much easier and the last code okay so that is 10000 down here we could see it's 10000 so it's easy that's our general requirements but when we start adding the other codes this numbers the total is going to change so what we want to do is put a subtotal right here under the items that we just put so we know that it's the subtotal of general requirements and this will be much easier when we do billing so the next line item is supervision let's enter that in QuickBooks it's 12000 dollars okay and our next item is site work site work is also one of the ones that you may have several items cost codes in this case I'm just going to use one and it's 100000 okay and I'm not putting subtotals because I don't have several cost codes like I did before the next item is concrete that was for 20000 the next one is masonry 12000 so let's enter that right here okay and the next one is metals I believe that was 20000 ok let's enter the next one after metals is ceilings let's look for that one ok 6000 next one is painting team it's right...